Intensive Student Project - Hackathon

In February 2021 we organized with the ISA Belgium Section, ISA Spanish Section and with 5 European applied science universities a hackathon about crowd control in cities.  

Organization partners were Joensuu Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences bachelor department ICT & Automation & IOT, bachelor department networking & systems management Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Graduate studies of Networks & Communication from Don Bosco Cartagena, Studies Business management & security management & Law of InHolland Technical University Rotterdam and ICT & System Management bachelor studies Technical University Ghent Belgium. About 50 students participated & about 7 professors in ICT, Automation, Law, Security, Electronics, Radio Communication. 

Due to the Corona virus, we had to use distance learning (Microsoft TEAMS) including 5 evenings of preparation with the students and lecturers, project management, scrum, Smart Cities, Kalman filtering tutorials, Crowd control (think about USA CAPITOL invasion and the COVID protection measures in all countries).  IOT, automation, sensors, GDPR, ICT security. Participants were mixed to form multi-national and   multi-skills teams of 5-6 students. 

The scrum-runs and presentations took place in the period of 15-19 february 2021. All teams succeeded in using Kalman filtering using Raspberry PI, Kalman filtering of 2 or more wifi-antennas, and positioning mapping of the crowd using MAC-addresses & wifi-spots and active wifi-responders to count and making a heath map of the crowds. 


We did earlier years same type of hackatons with these partners, the nice here was that the interaction and mutual interest of the participants resulted in a business, technical, crowd control, privacy & security solutions.  


We would like to organize these types of hackatons with multinational ISA student organizations & technical universities supported by the interested ISA local sections in academic year 2021-2022 and later.


If you are interested to participate in the future, please contact ir. Wim De Bruyn lecturer ICT & IOT & AI 


We are in the preparation of a larger EDULEARN 2021 paper explaining the success of an interdisciplinary group hackathons and scrum run project management that we will share with the other sections and districts. 


Goal is to show that multi-national student & teaching teams can realize technical miracles in one week and with minimal costs using the right coaching organization.  These student teams are convinced that working in technical and scientific environments is fun and that their ideas and solutions can be the start of new solutions and business. 

Hackathon IP Project
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